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Life, Fitness, & Transformational Coach

I help High Achievers REIGNITE after a major setback.

I Am Coach LaKisha

I am an entrepreneur, author, and inspirational coach who helps high achievers reignite after a major setback. Having been an entrepreneur for 20 years and being recently widowed, I wanted to teach others how to protect their families and assets – a career in Financial Services was an open door for me to begin to help others. After speaking with my mentor and wrapping up my Recruiting career, I knew it was time to get my licenses and begin the next chapter in this industry.

My vision has no limits. I’ve grown from major setbacks and always look forward to meeting others wherever they are financially to help get them to their next destination. I help individuals, families, and small businesses create strategies for reducing financial risk and building generational wealth. I feel so rewarded by walking alongside my clients as they plan for their futures. I get to share the resources that my team and I possess to help the process be as holistic as possible to meet their goals. My success is measured by my client’s success. My vision is to have a skill set that is versatile and adaptable as I am prepared to look at each client individually and walk them through a variety of approaches to assist them in reaching their goals.

After building three solid businesses from the ground up, one being featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Roiter which lead to many more opportunities to expand my network, I’ve helped other entrepreneurs restructure their businesses, increase clientele and protect their assets.

On a personal note, I am originally from Ohio, but the sunshine and business opportunities brought me to Charlotte. I’m also a huge advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and am a certified Personal Trainer and coach Track & Field. I also have a lot of involvement in my sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, the LeBron James Family Foundation, and the International Family Fitness Foundation. Outside of all the extracurricular activities, I have two amazing children with my late spouse, Kennedy (11) and Kingston (9) who I love dearly along with our Vizsla, Chase.

I tried EVERYTHING in my power to AVOID hitting my rock bottom... but at the bottom is where I found a much deeper and intimate relationship with God.


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