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Renovation and management of a multi-field complex in Union County

Renovate and manage a 4-field baseball/ softball complex in Union County and construct an additional 3 fields + 1 turf football field. 


There are no tournament-capable facilities in the region, allowing us to capitalize on rec and travel baseball, softball, and T-ball. 


Several tournament organizers are willing to rent the fields up to 40 weekends out of the year. Layered into these rentals are in-house programs, the development of an in-house rec and travel program for both baseball and softball, the ability to attract adult league programs, and host specialty programs by developing a field capable of hosting Special Olympics, adaptive play, etc.

Revenue/Profit Opportunity

There are significant revenue and profit opportunities with this project. We project year 1 revenues to be over $750,000 growing to over $2.5 million by year 5. Profit projections are $350,000 in year 1 growing to over $2 million per year by year 5.


Investment Opportunity

We are looking to raise $5 million for this project in return for 80% ownership. Based on the revenue model, investor return on investment is 7- 10 years.  


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Development of an owned and managed sports training facility in the Cotswold/ Arboretum area of Charlotte

Lease a newly renovated 22,000 sqft building just north of the Arboretum. The building is clear span (no beams) with 40’ high ceilings.


The concept is to create a training facility that caters to baseball, softball, and other field sports (football, soccer, lacrosse, etc.). 


The building can house a full turf baseball/ softball infield, batting cages, a strength and conditioning space, and an open turf space. There are no competitors in the local market.



Revenue/Profit Opportunity

We estimate annual revenues growing from $580,000 in Year 1 to over $2M by year 5, with profits growing from $120,000 in Year 1 to over $600,000 by Year 5.


Investment Opportunity

We are looking for $750,000 in investment in exchange for 60% ownership.



Partnership with a Northside Baptist Church to renovate and manage an outdoor 400m track, turf football field, and 4 baseball/ softball fields

Convert a dilapidated 400m outdoor track to a Mondo track, replace the infield with turf, renovate the bleachers and concession stand, and upgrade four baseball/ softball fields at Northside Baptist Church. 


We would then manage events as part of a management agreement with the Northside Baptist Church.


Revenue/Profit Opportunities

We would receive 75% of the revenues generated from use agreements, camps, clinics, events, tournaments, track meets, in-house programs, etc.- everything that happens on those surfaces. The church would be responsible for operating expenses. We estimate first-year revenue to be approximately $200,000, growing to over $2M by year 5. 


Our share of profit potential for this project is anticipated to be approximately $150,000 in year one, growing to $1.2 million by year 5.


Investment Opportunity

We project the renovation cost to be approximately $2 million, and the church can fund $500,000. We are looking to raise the remaining $1.5 million in exchange for 75% of Synergy’s share of the profits.



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